About Us

Precision Group is widely recognised as:

  • A leading supplier of communication, business training, and material; and
  • A provider of pre-audit, staff development, assessing, and system development services to the training sector.
Our Vision

Empowering individuals to succeed.

Our Mission

Consistently create quality print and online training resources to empower trainers to excel.

We can offer you high quality and thoroughly researched business training and assessment materials, services, and consultants who have significant industry knowledge and passion to identify and meet your training needs.

We can offer your students and employees the ability to empower themselves to reach their potential and enhance their personal development and capability through learning resources. We are passionate about empowering current and future generations of business students.

Our promise to you is to:
  1. Understand your business
  2. Develop a trusting and long term relationship with you as our client
  3. Identify your needs and support you to grow your students or employees capabilities.