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Q. Can I purchase two copies of a unit in black and white?

A. A print run for us requires a minimum of 10 copies for black and white.

Q. If I place an order, do I have to make the payment first?

A. Yes, all orders need to be paid for in full before they are dispatched.

Q. I need my order urgently, how fast can I get it?

A. Our normal time is two business days. In emergencies, we can often print the day after the order and despatch on an overnight service, which means that your order will arrive one to two days after it has been dispatched.

Q. Can I get a discount on the discounted price in the catalogue if I order in bulk?

A. No, the bulk prices have already been heavily discounted so we are unable to offer further discounting.

Q. How can I pay for my order?

A. We have the facilities to receive credit card, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer), or cheque payments.

Q. What happens if I receive the resource material but it is not what I wanted and I need to return it?

A. Precision Group asks that you order wisely. It will not refund for ‘change of mind’. You can read our refund policy in our terms and conditions on the ‘catalogue’ tab.



Q. Will the assessment meet audit?

A. Our assessments have been edited by an Independent Quality Consultant so we are confident that they will meet audit requirements.

If you have difficulty with an audit, and this difficulty relates specifically to the assessment tool, call or email Jane (jane@precisiongroup.com.au or (07) 3351 6336) and provide her with:

  • A copy of the report where it relates to the assessment
  • Go to bounce.precisiongroup.com.au
  • Complete all fields under “Already a Member” 
  • Use your email and password which were created 
  • The name and contact number of the auditor.

Jane will contact the auditor, and if changes are able to be agreed, you will be sent replacement copies of the assessment tool at no cost.

Q. Are you are having trouble logging into the simulated business website?

A. As we have recently launched a new website, logging in may seem a little different than you have been used to. Please ensure you follow the instructions below and start by typing bounce.precisiongroup.com.au into the address bar of your browser. If you usually go to this site by clicking on favourites or history this will no longer work.

Existing User

  • Go to bounce.precisiongroup.com.au
  • Complete all fields under “Already a Member”
  • Use your email and password which were created when originally registering as a New User
  • If you are prompted to enter a new Access Code this means your access has expired. Either enter a new code or purchase one by clicking on “ Purchase an Access Code”. Your new code will be sent to you via the email you have registered.

New User Access

  • Go to bounce.precisiongroup.com.au
  • Complete all fields under “Register An Account” and “Account Details” using Access Code below (this code can only be used once)


Customised Resources

Q. Will Precision Group write material and customise it for us?

A. We are very happy to produce material on request provided that it is in our area of expertise, that the order is large enough to make it viable for the time invested by us, and there is an appropriate amount of time available to research and write the document.



Q. Can I photocopy any of the material we purchase from Precision Group?

A. Precision Group (Australia) Pty Ltd owns all Copyright on its products as detailed in the Copyright Act 1968.

No part of the Precision Group (Australia) Pty Ltd books may be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying or recording, or by an information retrieval system without written permission from Precision Group (Australia) Pty Ltd. Legal action may be taken against any person who infringes their Copyright through unauthorised copying.


Electronic Copies

Q. We are looking at adding some new qualifications to our scope and to do this we need to supply copies of Assessment Tools with our application. I am hoping that you are able to send me electronic copies in PDF so that we can proceed ASAP with our application?

A. We can provide electronic copies in PDF format which are locked down and have 'sample' watermarked on them for the purpose of submitting them for audit.

Q. Do you supply samples?

A. We do offer a portion of the unit to view in an electronic format of both Resource and Assessment. The Trainer Manual samples can be viewed via our products page. If you require further information please contact the office and we are more than happy to organise this for you.