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Annual Declaration of Compliance: Here’s What You Should Do To Prepare for Your Declaration

Important Update: The Annual Declaration of Compliance deadline has been moved to 30 April 2020 as per ASQA Chief Commissioner and CEO Saxon Rice’s update

All Registered Training Organisations registered before 2020 are required to complete an annual declaration of compliance before March 31. It states whether or not your RTO has met the Standards for Registered Training Organisations 2015. You can take this opportunity for your RTO to undertake self-assessment and improve some areas for your RTO to meet compliance requirements.

So what should I do to prepare for the annual declaration of compliance?

Your RTO should take a self-assessment of its compliance with the Standards and the conditions of registration. If you do not have RTO templates and tools to help you with the annual declaration of compliance, you may use ASQA’s Self-Assessment Tool.

You should also check if your RTO’s contact information in asqanet is correct or updated. Details such as your RTO’s CEO’s email address should be updated to make sure that you get emails from ASQA.

If the information you provided in asqanet is updated and correct and if your RTO undertakes regular self-assessment, then the process may go smooth and easy for you.

What should I do if my contact information in asqanet is outdated or incorrect?

Change your contact information in asqanet. If you did not receive an email from ASQA about the annual declaration of compliance, you should update your info and contact the ASQA Info Line to request that ASQA resend you an email.

What should I do if I think that my RTO isn’t compliant?

You should consult with an RTO consultancy firm to map out the areas where you may not meet the compliance requirements. They would be able to help your RTO’s internal processes with a massive range of services.

To get advice regarding which RTO consultancy firm to contact, get in touch with us now so we could refer an RTO consultancy firm that can help you with your needs.

If you are confident with your RTO’s marketing, recruitment, enrolment processes, etc., it is still possible for your RTO to encounter a common pitfall – non-compliant or messy training and assessment resources. Poor and outdated training and assessment resources not only affect your training and assessment delivery, but it will negatively affect your compliance with the Standards and your RTO’s reputation as well. Talk with us now for a personalised RTO training resources walkthrough or enquiries about RTO materials.

Additionally, if you are having problems with training delivery because of the recent crises in Australia, then you should consider getting quality course materials that support a more flexible delivery.

Enquire about quality training and assessment materials now to support your RTO’s compliance!

If you’ve ironed out any issues you may have with your resources or training materials, your processes, and have made rectifications after your self-assessments, then congratulations! You are now a few steps ahead of hitting your compliance targets!

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Precision Group Will Donate 5% of Resource Sales to Bushfire Relief in January 2020

In the past few months, the unprecedented bushfire disaster has burned more than 100,000 sq km of forest, bushland and parks across Australia. Thirty people have now been killed, including 4 firefighters. Thousands have now lost their homes and whole communities devastated.

While conditions have temporarily improved thanks to rain and cooler conditions in the most heavily affected areas in NSW and VIC, there are still months left in this bushfire season. Conditions are expected to worsen again in coming weeks with warmer, drier days.

We are committing 5% of the revenue from sales of our Precision Group (Australia) branded training resources, as well as our extended catalogues Compliant Learning Resources, Vibrant Courseware, TotalVET Training Resources and RTO Learning Materials to the Red Cross Bushfire Relief Fund for the month of January.

We know many of our clients, their families and friends have already been affected or may be affected by the bushfires in the coming months. We hope you are safe, and wish to see people and communities on the path to recovery as soon as possible.

You can find the latest updates on how the Red Cross will use donations here. You can also donate directly to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund here.

If you are looking for any training or assessment resources for your RTO, please give us a call on 1300 626 556 and we will be happy to help. Or, you can see some of our range of digital training resources here and print training resources here.

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Top 10 Job Growth Occupations to 2023

This is a really interesting article that looks at the growth occupations leading up to 2023.  Top 10 Job Growth Occupations to 2023

It is particularly enlightening for the VET and RTO community, as it highlights particular industry growth areas that will need training in the coming years. There are definitely a few standouts in this report. Aged and Disability Carers highest growth occupation, with an incredible 39.3% growth in jobs required to 2023. This equates to a massive 69 171 new jobs projected. Other huge growth occupations are Child Carers at 27 576 new jobs, Waiters with 21791 new jobs and Education Aids at 18 800 new jobs!

If you are interested in where you should be focusing your training or new scope applications in the years to come, I definitely recommend reading this article.

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2018 Christmas Hours

Christmas 2

Precision Group will be taking a short break over the Christmas period, starting Friday 21st December 2018 and returning to work on Wednesday the 2nd January 2019.

During this period we will not be available to take calls or emails, so please get in touch before the shutdown if you urgently need any training resources.

Due to staff taking extra leave during this period, our team won’t return to full strength until mid-to-late January, which may cause some delays to orders and deliveries.

Thank you all for your amazing support in 2018! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2019.

Warm Regards,

The Precision Group Team

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ACPET 2013 Conference

croppedimage225225 ACPET 2013 Conference 3

ACPET’s 2013 National Conference will be held on 29 and 30 August at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This year’s conference theme, ‘VET and Higher Education: the Future is in the Private Sector‘, reflects the increasing importance of private providers and the challenges they face.

ACPET’s national conference is the largest gathering of private and not-for-profit educators and trainers in Australia, and provides a fantastic opportunity for networking and professional development.

For further details and to register for ACPET’s 2013 National Conference, visit

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2013 National VET Conference

croppedimage225225 2013 National VET Conference2

Jane and Catrina attended the 2013 National VET Conference in Melbourne and must add their congratulations to its growing list of fans. There were excellent speakers on so many topics (all useful and timely) that there was no one who could have felt forgotten. The number of exhibitors was brilliant, which allowed all delegates to really investigate and compare products and services. 

The feedback heard was positive and heartening. Many who arrived with concerns about the ‘new world’ of VET left far more informed and comfortable having received information, solutions, and support. 

There was a function in the evening with activities that encouraged networking and fun – great fun. Many new friendships were forged and potential relationships commenced. A wonderful inclusion at an otherwise serious learning event. 

Now just to allay the fears of those who believe that Jane may be considering a career change to one of dancing – totally untrue. The scarcity of good partners keeps her with PGA!


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Register Now for the 2014 National VET Conference

croppedimage225225 2014 National VET Conference2

Join us for what is to be another spectacular Vocational Education and Training (VET) event – the 2014 National VET Conference will be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC) from 11-12 September 2014. Register now and take advantage of the ‘Early Bird Catches the Worm’ pricing!

Registration includes:

Each of the following per delegate registration

  • Entry to all conference sessions over selected day (one-day registration option) or both days (full registration option)
  • Access to all trade exhibitions
  • Arrival tea/coffee
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Conference handbook
  • Conference satchel and electronic resources from selected day sessions (one-day registration option) or both days (full registration option)
  • Entry to the Welcome Function on Thursday evening (11 September 2014)
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The Diamond Standard is coming…a new an exciting quality enhancement to the VET sector

croppedimage225225 Wendy Cato image

We hope you have not missed the articles by Wendy Cato in the RTO – Professional Discussion Group on LinkedIn. We will include one here because it is such an exciting and necessary intervention for VET. Quality for us is paramount and being brave enough to actually undertake integrating it into the VET world is awesome. We hope you will have a close look at this for the benefit of your organisation, your learners and our training world.

Click here to view the article.