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Rod Camm, ACPET CEO produced an interesting editorial

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One must try and remain positive and I remain very proud of the many private and public providers I know and respect for their genuine commitment to education. We still have a system that produces great results, though I acknowledge that gets little airplay at the moment.

I also remain committed to cleaning out ACPET’s membership, with the view to ensuring we do represent those Colleges that stand for ethics and quality in tertiary education.I acknowledge we are not there yet.

It has been pleasing to receive a surprising amount of support over the last few weeks, where ACPET has strongly stated its case that only those genuinely committed to quality education have a role in this proud sector.

I am very confident that the cream will rise to the top, it always does. I now often wonder how best to fasten that journey. We are still working across a range of areas that will make a difference, though time is of the essence.

We should not lament that all is ruined. Because it is not. The many providers delivering fee for service training, State and Territory funded qualifications and many offering VFH are continuing to deliver a quality product.

However, there are some issues across areas of VET FEE HELP delivery. Let’s start with the data:

  • Student loans have more than doubled to $1.74B in 2014
  • Since commencing in 2009, $3.1B has been funded
  • Student numbers increased by 103% to 202,800 from 2013 to 2014
  • Nearly half of students are under 25 and 66% are women
  • 44% of enrolments are in management and commerce
  • IT enrolments have increased by 560%, as the fees for IT increased by 85%
  • On-line students increased by 57% and now make up 47% of all enrolments
  • Completion rates remain at about 10% below that of sector average
  • On-line VFH completion sits at 7% completion rate compared to 23% for students funded outside of the program
  • The tuition fees for students increased by 29% in the last year, almost tripling since 2011, and
  • Agriculture and related course fees increased by 61% and mixed field by 64%.

I don’t really think I need to say anymore. You can see from the numbers that the sector does need to lift its game. VFH is a critically important program for Australia’s future. As the only real growing fund source, quality qualifications can fuel the skills, innovation and entrepreneurship needed in our future economy. It is that important.

Looking at the trends and the outcomes from the VFH investment, we must do better.

We are all citizens and have both a right, and responsibility to demand proper outcomes from any government investment. While the accounting treatment might be different, student loans, bankrolled by government, must produce results at least equivalent to elsewhere in the sector and put simply at the moment it is not.

Our collective voice is needed. I have discussed the problems with government, industry, public and private providers and industry, to name a few. Despite all having different angles, politics and desires, all unite in the belief both in the sector and of the many quality providers.

All also lament where we now are.

Where to – now that is the question.

I look forward to continuing the discussions with many of you with a sense of urgency. As an industry we can show the way.

Rod Camm

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Christmas Closing Date

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A Reminder of When Our Office will be Closed

Precision Group will be closed for three weeks from Monday 21st Dec, 2015 and will reopen on Monday 11th Jan, 2016.

Be organised for next year and make sure you get your orders placed by Wednesday 16th Dec, 2015!

All orders received after Wednesday 16th Dec, 2015 will be despatched the week of our return on Monday 11th Jan, 2016.

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New Website

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Precision Group is delighted to launch its new look website which provides many great features and benefits for our valued clients and new visitors. Our new website will provide you with the opportunity to view Precision Group’s extensive array of business training and assessment materials to specifically meet your training needs, hear of our clients’ experiences and outcomes and hear of Precision Group’s latest news and events to assist and add value to your organisation.

As always we welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing your comments and feedback regarding our new website.

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2012 VET Summit

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Precision Group Improves Products Further

Specifically for Schools after Attending Velg’s VET Summit

On Thursday 22nd March I was privileged to attend Velg’s VET Summit. It was probably the most beneficial conference I have attended in years. As Precision Group had decided earlier to develop training and assessment specifically for use in the VET sector in secondary schools, it was timely as well as informative.

The product we develop for the schools will meet every standard described during the development training. We will produce the training material and assessment for several certificates including a range of electives. The first ones will be the Certificate I in Business, Certificate I in Financial Services, and Certificate I in Work Preparation. Once this is complete, we will commence on the Level II certificates.

There will be two feedback forms included in each Leaner Resource, one for the Learner to complete and one for the Parent or Employer to complete. The Trainer Manual will have one to capture feedback from the Assessor. These forms are intended to be given to the VET coordinator to form part of their consultation evidence.

Additionally, we will be putting on our website what was done to each competency as we update the product. This will enable VET coordinators to access information regarding the continuous improvement to assist them in demonstrating how they make use of the changes.

The detailed mapping of the assessments is another time-saving advantage for the VET coordinator.

So, you see, it was of great benefit to me, and soon will pay dividends for you too. If you have an idea, need, or area in which we may be able to assist, please let us know. We are here to serve you and happy to do it.

Jane Davies, Managing Director


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2016 National VET Conference

Velg 2016

Join us for what is to be another spectacular Vocational Education and Training (VET) event – the 2016 National VET Conference. The conference will be delivered over two days on the 15-16 September at the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre through an exciting range of presentations, providing attendees the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of plenary and elective sessions.

Full registration includes:

  • Entry to all conference sessions over the two days
  • Access to all trade exhibitions
  • Arrival tea/coffee
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • Conference handbook
  • Conference satchel and electronic resources from sessions
  • Entry to the Welcome Function on Thursday evening (15 September 2016)
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Restructure of Training Package Information Session

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Jane also recently attended the Restructure of Training Package Information Session held by Innovation and Business Skills Australia (IBSA). It was a very well structured and well-paced presentation packed full of information about the ‘new’ assessment format. The presenters were well informed and very happy to discuss the various points with the audience as each issue arose.

The ‘new’ assessment sounded very exciting. It is streamlined – if only because all of the background information will be contained in a separate volume. This is a great innovation.

Also pleasing is the greater degree of detail in the assessment. Statements informing the number of times an activity must be seen completed competently by the Assessor will provide consistency and clarity. Also, the inclusion of the setting in which it is appropriate for an activity to be conducted will be clarified.

Of course, this makes it easier for all of the assessments in a qualification to be holistically written. Precision Group is going to host a professional development day in October for Secondary Schools and also for RTOs to encourage active discussion around this holistic approach.

We will have completed the first of our models and be able to discuss them and how they work with attendees. There will be other highly qualified assessors there too so all attendees will be able to get some private quality time to discuss their assessment issues – and provide us with that most desirable feedback to help us improve what we do too.

You can’t afford to miss this practical session with so much to offer. So, if you are an RTO, your life could get much easier next year.

Attendance was a good investment in time. The changes and hard work done by IBSA will pay dividends for us all.


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Christmas Closing Dates

croppedimage225225 Christmas 2016

A Reminder of When Our Office will be Closed

Precision Group will be closed for three weeks from Monday 19th Dec, 2016 and will reopen on Monday 9th Jan, 2017.

Be organised for next year and make sure you get your orders placed by Wednesday 14th Dec, 2016!

All orders received after Wednesday 14th Dec, 2016 will be despatched the week of our return on Monday 9th Jan, 2017.

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Making Training Engaging and Eggciting

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As seen in RTO Management Magazine

I think if you asked most trainers what the most difficult part of their job is; the answers would come back along the following lines:

  • It is really difficult to get the learners to complete assessments
  • Too little time for effective training delivery
  • Resistance in learners

There may be many more complaints, but in my experience, these are important and manageable ones – and once dealt with, allow the others to fall away. Read more.

“I attended the VELG summit on Monday and one of the things in my goodie bag was a copy of RTO Management Magzine and in it was Precision Group’s article Making Training Engaging and Eggciting. The article was wonderful! I have two clinical trainers who feel a bit unsure of their training techniques, mostly because they felt their TAE training left a bit to be desired. Also their training duties form a very small part of what they do on a day to day basis and they have nothing to compare what they do to what others do. The students they train think they are wonderful and as adult students they appreciate the way the girls interact with them. I think your article, which I have given them to have a look at, reinforced that what they are doing is engaging their students and passing the knowledge on to them in an effective way. Thank you again for this wonderful and illuminating article and I look forward to seeing your book.”

Maralan Southern, Training Coordinator: Medical Assisting

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How we Have Reviewed and Implemented the Updates From BSB07 to BSB

croppedimage225225 BSB

The new Unit of Competencies include changes far beyond just the removal of the letter denoting the version. In fact, there are several major changes which will significantly alter the structure and process of the assessment along with the inclusion of Foundation Skills.

Required Skills, Required Knowledge and ranges are removed, having been imbedded in the competency. These changes are good and make the completion of assessment in most cases, far more practical rather than being able to be theory-style answers. Performance and ability must be demonstrated.

The Foundation Skills provide a clear justification of skills and learning to be transferred. Precision Group recognises the changes and applauds them. Our review process is:

  1. Review all training material for completeness and ability to apply, removing ranges and upgrading material where necessary. Ensure that all information required to meet the Elements, Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence and Performance Evidence is included in an easy-to-understand format, proofed, edited and consultation undertaken with industry.
  2. Review all assessments, re-writing where necessary, adding practical or removing tasks no longer relevant, re-map including Foundation Skills, proof and edit.

Please know that we are doing our best to quickly bring our product into line without compromising (in fact we are improving) the product for you. Thanks for your support.