2012 VET Summit

Precision Group Improves Products Further

Specifically for Schools after Attending Velg’s VET Summit

On Thursday 22nd March I was privileged to attend Velg’s VET Summit. It was probably the most beneficial conference I have attended in years. As Precision Group had decided earlier to develop training and assessment specifically for use in the VET sector in secondary schools, it was timely as well as informative.

The product we develop for the schools will meet every standard described during the development training. We will produce the training material and assessment for several certificates including a range of electives. The first ones will be the Certificate I in Business, Certificate I in Financial Services, and Certificate I in Work Preparation. Once this is complete, we will commence on the Level II certificates.

There will be two feedback forms included in each Leaner Resource, one for the Learner to complete and one for the Parent or Employer to complete. The Trainer Manual will have one to capture feedback from the Assessor. These forms are intended to be given to the VET coordinator to form part of their consultation evidence.

Additionally, we will be putting on our website what was done to each competency as we update the product. This will enable VET coordinators to access information regarding the continuous improvement to assist them in demonstrating how they make use of the changes.

The detailed mapping of the assessments is another time-saving advantage for the VET coordinator.

So, you see, it was of great benefit to me, and soon will pay dividends for you too. If you have an idea, need, or area in which we may be able to assist, please let us know. We are here to serve you and happy to do it.

Jane Davies, Managing Director