2013 National VET Conference

Jane and Catrina attended the 2013 National VET Conference in Melbourne and must add their congratulations to its growing list of fans. There were excellent speakers on so many topics (all useful and timely) that there was no one who could have felt forgotten. The number of exhibitors was brilliant, which allowed all delegates to really investigate and compare products and services.

The feedback heard was positive and heartening. Many who arrived with concerns about the ‘new world’ of VET left far more informed and comfortable having received information, solutions, and support.

There was a function in the evening with activities that encouraged networking and fun – great fun. Many new friendships were forged and potential relationships commenced. A wonderful inclusion at an otherwise serious learning event.

Now just to allay the fears of those who believe that Jane may be considering a career change to one of dancing – totally untrue. The scarcity of good partners keeps her with PGA!