ACPET 2013 National Conference

Jane and Catrina have just returned from the ACPET conference in Adelaide. This well attended, and very well organised conference was one not to miss. The sessions provided a great deal of information, which will be a valuable resource for many. The networking opportunities at something as well attended as this were manifold and Precision Group learned more about the needs of our clients.

It was great to actually put a name to many of the faces with whom we spoke to – and we hope they feel the same. Obviously, the Precision Group initiative of establishing our online learning was of great interest to the vast majority and we were pleased to be able to advise that it is underway. The format is being prepared and the platform is being finalised, so we hope to be ‘up and running’ next year.

Adelaide is a lovely place and the Adelaide Convention Centre was an outstanding venue. Whilst it was hectic, Precision Group hopes that being able to actually meet and speak with us in person was an advantage for the attendees. We hope to meet and listen to more of you in Melbourne at the VELG conference on September 19-20.