Happy 10th Birthday to Precision Group!

Ten Years! It seems like such a long time looking forward but then suddenly you are there and, whew, wonder where the time went! And we owe it all to you! So thanks for helping us progress from a small two-person start-up to the current, enthusiastic team we have today.

Without your orders, feedback, ideas and support, we could not have made it this far. Small business is always a challenge. Speaking of small business, we are currently completing our range of Small Business units and sincerely hope you like them. As usual, we are most grateful for your feedback and ideas for improvements.

This is such an important time for us, that we are making special offers at the upcoming 2014 National VET Conference and will be sharing our Birthday Cake with you. Why the italics? Come and see the cake and you will understand. You can find us at stand number three.

Thank you to each and every one of you who has helped us to reach this Birthday. Please come and see us at the conference and take advantage of our specials and accept our thanks to you!