How we Have Reviewed and Implemented the Updates From BSB07 to BSB

The new Unit of Competencies include changes far beyond just the removal of the letter denoting the version. In fact, there are several major changes which will significantly alter the structure and process of the assessment along with the inclusion of Foundation Skills.

Required Skills, Required Knowledge and ranges are removed, having been imbedded in the competency. These changes are good and make the completion of assessment in most cases, far more practical rather than being able to be theory-style answers. Performance and ability must be demonstrated.

The Foundation Skills provide a clear justification of skills and learning to be transferred. Precision Group recognises the changes and applauds them. Our review process is:

  1. Review all training material for completeness and ability to apply, removing ranges and upgrading material where necessary. Ensure that all information required to meet the Elements, Performance Criteria, Knowledge Evidence and Performance Evidence is included in an easy-to-understand format, proofed, edited and consultation undertaken with industry.
  2. Review all assessments, re-writing where necessary, adding practical or removing tasks no longer relevant, re-map including Foundation Skills, proof and edit.

Please know that we are doing our best to quickly bring our product into line without compromising (in fact we are improving) the product for you. Thanks for your support.