Learning Resource Samples

Precision Group RTO Training Resource Samples

Here are complete samples of one of our units of competency. By clicking on the links below you will see how we format our units.

Trainer Pack:

Trainer Manual Sample

Assessor Assessment Sample

PowerPoint Sample

Learner Pack:

Learner Resource Sample

Learner Assessment Sample

Recognition of Prior Learning Kit:

Learner RPL Kit Sample

Assessor RPL Kit Sample

NEW Assessment Tool Development Style

Precision Group is continually updating and improving our catalogue of RTO training resources. Our latest assessment tools are written a new style, incorporating more types of assessment, mapping notes on each assessment task, and many other features loved by trainers and compliance staff. Please contact us to see samples of our new Assessor Guide documents containing benchmark answers. These Assessor Guides contain benchmark answers too detailed and specific for us to share online where students may be able to access them.
Additional learning material samples can be found by going to RTO Training Resources Catalogue page and searching for any units and qualifications of interest. Simply fill in the form on any training resources you are interested in and we’ll be in touch with more information, samples and pricing for those RTO materials. Note that we also assist other publishers with the marketing and distribution of their training resources, so be sure to contact us for samples of these third-party publisher resources prior to ordering.  Alternatively, simply contact us now at info@precisiongroup.com.au or call 1300 626 556 during business hours and we can arrange samples for you.