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Simulated Business

Simulated Business

Simulated Business

Have you tried our Simulated Business?

If you have international students or students not in the workplace, our Simulated Business is an extra feature which we have built into the assessment.

The Simulated Business accessed through the Precision Group website means Learners log on and move through the user friendly environment to access simulations of the business that they require in completing their assessment. The access cost is included in the purchase price of the Learner Pack and accessible for 12 months from first log on.

About the Assessment

You no longer need to create case studies, map PCs, or RPLs. We have developed it all for you even with room to contextualise the assessment.

  • This assessment can be used equally for students or employed Learners. The employed Learner can use their organisation while those without employment can use the Simulated Business.
  • It has a designated area for Assessors to contextualise the assessment to the Learner, industry and employer need, and further space on the recording sheet for noting results of the contextualised tasks.
  • There are tasks using the Simulated Business or Learner’s own organisation, oral questions, case studies, theory, practical, and role plays as appropriate.
  • There are model answers and parameters to determine competency.
  • There is mapping, critical aspects of evidence and employability skills mapping, and literacy and numeracy where required.
  • They assess each performance criteria while still being holistic.
  • There is 12 months (from first log on) access to the Simulated Business.

Meet Audit Requirements

The assessment has been edited by an Independent Quality Consultant so we are confident that they will meet audit requirements.

If you have difficulty with an audit, and this difficulty relates specifically to the assessment tool, call or email Jane ([email protected] or 07 3351 6336) and provide her with:

  • A copy of the report where it relates to the assessment
  • The name and contact number of the auditor.

Jane will contact the auditor, and if changes are able to be agreed, you will be sent replacement copies of the assessment tool at no cost.