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Recognised as a leading specialist in communication, marketing, hospitality and business training resources, Precision Group can provide a complete qualification or individual units to meet your RTO training resource needs.

Many of our learning resources are developed by Precision Group’s experienced team specifically to be used in the Learner’s organisation or Precision Group’s simulated business. That’s right, most of our RTO Training materials provide your learners with a simulated business so they can experience what it is like to work in a real workplace whilst completing the course and assessment tasks with your RTO.

Each qualification or unit of competency is presented in a Trainer and Learner Pack. The Trainer Pack includes a Trainer Manual and an Assessment Tools Pack. The Learner Pack includes the Learner Resources and the Learner Assessment pack.

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BSB Individual Units

Precision Group RTO Training, Learning and Assessment Resources and Materials

Are you looking for Individual BSB Unit Learning Resources and Assessment Tools from the new Business Services streamlined training package? View our full range of RTO training resources and materials now and if you can’t find what you need, call us.

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BSB Qualifications

Precision Group RTO Training, Learning and Assessment Resources and Materials

We have a number of BSB qualifications available where you are able to select your own elective units and customise to your needs.

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eLearning Resources

Precision Group RTO Training, Learning and Assessment Resources and Materials

Our new eLearning resources are interactive, user-friendly and SCORM (or Tin Can) and HTML5 compliant. A complete Assessment Bundle is available with each unit as an optional extra.

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Simulated Business

Precision Group RTO Training, Learning and Assessment Resources and Materials

Learners log on and move through the user-friendly environment to access simulations of the business that they require in completing their assessment.

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Purchase RTO Training Materials and Assessment Tools

Whether you need learner resources or assessment tools, our complete range of RTO materials will assist you in launching your latest course today. Our training resources and materials go through rigorous validation to ensure that your RTO delivers quality training and assessment resources to your learners.

When you buy our training materials, you receive engaging learner guides and content. Our Learner guides also come complete with learning activities to test their competency in the new knowledge and skills they have just gained. A great way to ensure that your learners are ready for assessment!

All Assessment tools come with mapping documents, so you can quickly and easily see which assessment task maps to each unit requirement. All assessments are based on “Real World” activities to ensure that your learners are fully prepared for there new job role on completion of their qualification.

If you are looking for quality training resources and at affordable prices, why not browse our extensive range of training materials. If you don’t find what you are looking for, give us a quick call as we may have it ready to go!

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